S2S module introduction

S2S module provides cross-species comparisons of gene expression levels of transcription factors (TFs) in the lung based on scRNA-seq datasets. Cross-species comparisons are instrumental in estimating the evolutionary and developmental relationships between cell types among organisms. On this page, once four species have been selected, a horizontal bar chart is generated comparing the gene expression level of the cell types of four species.

(*Please consider citing this study, if data are used: Chen,D., Sun,J., Zhu,J., Ding,X., Lan,T., Wang,X., Wu,W., Ou,Z., Zhu,L., Ding,P., et al. (2021) Single cell atlas for 11 non-model mammals, reptiles and birds. Nat Commun, 12, 7083.)

Step 1: Choose the tissue
Step 2: Choose the species
Step 3: Choose the gene

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