Introduction of SPEED

SPEED is the largest pan-species single cell database at present, covering 127 species to date. SPEED also collects various scRNA-seq atlases in evolution, development and disease, providing an ecological and evolutionary perspective for the study of development and disease.

SPEED consists of 13 modules in the navigation menu:
Two display modules: ‘‘HOME’’ and ‘‘HELP’’.
Four data modules: “Pan”, “Evo’’, “Devo’’, and ‘‘Diz’’.
Seven function modules: “C2C”, “G2G”, “S2S”, “sSearch”, “sMarker”, “sUp”, “sDown”, and “sMarker”.

We provided single-cell atlases on pan-species, evolution, development and disease in the “Pan”, “Evo”, “Devo” and “Diz” modules, respectively. Three analysis modules, “C2C”, “G2G”, and “S2S”, allow exploration of cell-cell communication, gene-gene crosstalk and cross-species molecular evolution. The last four functional modules “sSearch”, “sUp”, “sDown” and “sMarker” allow users to retrieve specific datasets, obtain common marker genes for different cell types, freely upload and download single-cell datasets, respectively.

SPEED aims to better understand and exploit all currently known scRNA-seq datasets of multiple species, giving the research community free access to single-cell data on cross-species evolution, development and disease through a user-friendly interface. Future published single-cell sequencing data will be updated into SPEED, and data generated by spatial transcriptomics or other multi-omics cellular information may be integrated into SPEED in the future. In summary, SPEED will continue to enrich and expand the full utilization of the valuable resources of scRNA-seq atlas for the scientific community.

127 species
6,310,504 cells
85 diseases
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